Pascal Engman – Generational talent talks about the pressure of planning

Pascal Engman is the bestselling Swedish novelist of his generation, called ‘the next Steig Larsson’. He has sold plenty of books around the world, and they’re now being published in the UK. His new one is ‘Femicide, it looks at ‘incel’ culture. Involuntary celebates who hate women, and what happens when they switch off their laptops and do something about it in real life.

We chat about completely different parts of the world he writes in, and how much pressure he puts on 9 months of his year to try and write a book in the last 3. Also, you can hear why he tries to make his first draft as perfect as possible, because he hates editing so much. We chat about why he wants to entertain and teach in his novels, and how much he thinks about the international audience when he’s writing… particularly the jokes.

You can hear about the original blueprint for the novel and how much it changes, how he deals with time away from writing, and what his favourite font is.

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