Marthe Jocelyn – How to write for children

Marthe Jocelyn is about to publish her 50th book. It’s called ‘The Seaside Corpse’, and is the 4th in the Aggie Morton Mystery Queen series. It’s based on a young Agatha Christie, who solves crimes with her best friend Hector Poirot. The new one takes place in 1903 Lyme Regis, when searching for dinosaurs, Aggie comes across a dead body.

We talk about how much she plots mysteries, and why this story has made her mix that up a bit. Also, you can hear how accurate she wants to get her story to real-life 1903 Lyme Regis, and how she researches it. You can hear how much she thinks about how her books look, how a form of peer pressure helps her write, and how using writing exercises, like only using one-syllable words, can really help you think about the story.

You can find out more about Marthe’s work at!

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