Stacy Willingham – How selling your book rights really feels

Stacy Willingham has just published her debut novel, ‘A Flicker in the Dark’. The novel follows Chloe Davis, whose world was torn apart at 12 years old when her father confessed to the murder of six teenage girls in their small Louisiana town. 20 years later, Chloe is a successful psychologist in Baton Rouge. But when a local girl disappears, she starts to unravel. The rights have been optioned by the actress Emma Stone, and it’s currently being developed for HBO Max. We talk about how it feels to have so many writers dreams seem to be coming true.

Stacy worked full-time in marketing and copywriting before publishing novels and we discuss how writing snappy slogans has affected the way she tells stories. You can hear about her specifically designed writing space, also why she moves around for the second draft, and how other authors inspire what she writes.

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