Claire Frost – Why dedicating a whole day to writing works

Until very recently, Claire Frost worked full-time as a book reviewer for ‘Fabulous’. After years reading and chatting to authors, she chose to work 4 days a week, and dedicate a whole day to writing.

She has published 3 books, ‘Married at First Swipe’, ‘Living My Best Life’, and her new book is, ‘The One’. It’s about Lottie Brown, who has finally found The One. Leo is everything she’s ever wanted – he’s handsome, kind, funny and totally gets her. Three months into their relationship, Lottie is in love and happier than ever before. When Leo tragically dies, Lottie learns more about the man she thought she knew, and starts to question whether Leo really was as perfect as he seemed.

We talk about the pressure of needing to get stuff done in a day, what she has learned from book reviewing, and the moment she finally knew she was a writer.

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