Jonathan Whitelaw – Why cosy crime is so popular

Jonathan Whitelaw worked as a journalist in Scotland, covering sport, politics, and everything in between. He’s recently moved to the wilderness of Canada, and we talk about the move, and keeping in touch with colleagues and editors half the world away.

His newest novel is ‘The Bingo Hall Detectives’, which tells the story of Jason Brazel, an out of work journalist who tries to solve a local murder with his mother-in-law. We talk about the rise of cosy crime and why he wanted to write in the genre. You can hear how much he thinks through the puzzle aspects of the mystery, why he’s too lazy to be a real plotter, and how the characters drag him away from the 2 page synopsis.

This episode is sponsored by Marthe Jocelyn’s new novel, ‘The Seaside Corpse’. It’s the fourth in the ‘Aggie Morton Mystery Queen Series’, inspired by Agatha Christie, and set in 1903 Lyme Regis, when a couple of friends discover a body while looking for Dinosaur bones. It’s the perfect present for any kids you want to get engaged in reading. Find out more at

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