Adele Parks – Prolific author talks about her 20th book in 20 years!

Adele Parks has just published her 20th book in 20 years!

‘Just My Luck’ is about a group of friends who always pool in to buy a lottery ticket with the same numbers every week, only one week after a big fall-out, one couple buys the ticket alone… and wins. How do they cope with the fall out, betrayal and fights that come with that?

We talk about how Adele had the idea whilst asking a stranger questions at a dinner party, and in fact… why she gets quite a lot of her story ideas like that.

We also chat about why her work day is quite rigidly scheduled, why she reads her work to her husband frequently, and what happens when you have to throw almost 80,000 words in the bin.

You can hear about her views on genre, how much she thinks about who reads her books, and how her writing routine has changed over 20 novels.

Find out more about Adele here!

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