Sally Page – Successful debut author on why you should never give up on a book

Sally Page’s debut is ‘The Keeper of Stories’. It’s been extremely successful, tapping into book clubs across the country. It’s about Janice, who is used to hearing other people’s stories, until the elusive, mysterious Mrs B wants her to tell her own.

Sally has done a lot, worked in a flower shop, started a fountain pen business, and hopes that a successful debut will let her write full-time forever. We talk about how prepared she is to write in this genre for a while, and how old manuscripts have her well prepared for the future. Also, why being signed and published means she’s no longer doing it alone.

You can hear why she’s been surprised by the support of twitter, how she deals with crying while writing on trains, why she becomes obsessive over writing, and why she started research a year before actually writing.

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