Ava Glass – Thriller writer discusses getting to know spies

Ava Glass has worked with spies and understands the mechanics of their job. She has taken all that experience and written ‘The Chase’. It’s the first in the ‘Alias Emma’ series, and tells the story of a brand new spy, tasked with transporting a wanted Russian target across London in less than a day. The book has already been Amazon’s Book of the Month, and is optioned for TV.

We talk about how the logistics of travelling quickly through a big city without being noticed became much clearer as she wrote. You can hear why a switch in timeframe saved the book for her, and why even though she wanted to treat it like a regular job, she had to mix things up.

You can heard how she got to know her character through flashbacks, why she plotted it very tightly for adrenaline, and how the idea all came on a frantic plane-ride.

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