Gregg Hurwitz – New York Times Bestseller explains why fixing the small things takes care of the big stuff

This week, we chat to multi-million New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller, Gregg Hurwitz. He’s written many screenplays, comic books, took charge of Batman, and is known for the ‘Orphan X’ series. The newest one, ‘The Last Orphan’, sees Evan Smoak, the Nowhere Man, on one last mission after he was taken from a group home as an orphan and trained as an assassin.

We discuss how he made a plan at the start of his career, in order to make writing a regular job so it could last as long as possible. Also, you can hear how he’s managed to get back to a state of pure writing, without any of the distractions that surround success. We chat about how even though he’s written and published many books, he still gets stuck in the baggy middle like everyone else.

Gregg runs through his extensive research, which has seen him jump from planes, train with Navy SEALS, and go under cover in mind control cults.

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