Georgina Moore – Leave the plot time to think, it’ll sort itself out

Georgina Moore has worked in PR and publishing throughout her career. She understands how books are sold, where they are place and what makes them commercial. She has just published her first novel, ‘The Garnett Girls’. It tells the story of Rachel, Imogen and Sasha, struggling to escape their alienated family. It’s set across the wild beaches of the Isle of Wight and the glamour of luxurious London. It asks whether children can ever escape the mistakes of their family.

We discuss how to make sisters as characters that are similar, but also different and unique. You can hear how tough it is to realise some characters aren’t as fully developed as others – how much do you need to change things and alter your plot to flesh them out more.

We chat about her busy life in PR and how well that has set her up for a career as an author, and how she balances a social life with waking up early to write. She also reveals some embarrassment about what she has asked writers to do for publicity in the past, and why now she’s an author herself, she’s realised how much more pressure she must have placed on their time.

Send over the best book you have read this year! Suggestions to please.

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