Melvin Burgess – Carnegie Medal winner on why you write about kids, not just for them

Melvin Burgess had critical acclaim with his novel, ‘Junk’. It looks at heroin use among teens in Bristol. It’s a hard-hitting novel for teenagers, and won the Carnegie Medal, a prestigious award for Children’s and YA writing.

We talk about why he chose such a divisive subject, and what he thinks is the secret to writing for teens.

His new novel is ‘Loki’, it tells the story of the politics of ancient Asgard, and is a heartfelt plea to overthrow the gods of authority. We discuss the idea for the book, and why it was partly inspired by recent political events. You can hear why he’s interested in the process of powers lying. Also about the strange badge of honour he prides himself.

Melvin wrote furiously for about 20 years while supporting a family, but has since been enjoying himself more. We discuss why he’s returned to writing, his first novel for adults, and what to do when you’ve worked extremely hard on something that turns out to be naff.

There is swearing in this episode.

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