S.K. Tremayne – It doesn’t matter where you are, the only thing you need is a good idea

This week, we’re chatting to S.K. Tremayne. He’s a travel writer and novelist, whose new novel is ‘The Drowning Hour’.

Sean has written many books, under many different names. He had success during the Da Vinci Code book of the mid 2000’s, under the name Tom Knox, with his book, ‘The Genesis Secret’ and its sequels.

His new novel follows Hannah, a publicist for The Stanhope, a once grand hotel in Essex. On it’s re-opening, some drunken guests disappear into the ocean, and Hannah has to figure out what happened, and handle the scandal.

We talk about why, when he’s writing, it doesn’t matter where he is, the only thing that needs to be good is the idea. Also, why he likes to escape to write, and we get to the big question… how DO you become a travel writer?

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