David Bell – Author and lecturer discusses keeping things interesting in a locked room

This week, we chat to author and lecturer David Bell. He’s just published his 12th book, ‘The Finalists’. It looks at a group of prospective college students, and the lengths they might go to gain a prestigious fellowship. Think ‘The Breakfast Club’ with murder.

His novel, ‘Kill All Your Darlings’, was nominated for an Edgar Award, and he’s written his books whilst lecturing English and writing at University. We talk about how he balances his time teaching writing, and actually writing. You can also hear how he makes a locked room story consistently engaging, when your characters can’t really go very far… how do you make it gripping for a reader?

We talk about making stock characters unique, whether deadlines change, how knowing you’ve done it once can really help you believe you can do it again, and why he absolutely loves a routine.

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