Gordon J. Brown – Crime author discusses getting ideas from chats down the pub

Gordon J. Brown has just published his 9th novel, it’s called ‘Six Wounds’ and is published under the name Morgan Cry. We talk about why he’s started writing under a different name, and how a certain ex-Prime Minister played a part in that.

The book was inspired by a conversation in a Spanish pub, investigating how an ex-pat can be in two places at once. You can hear the process of moving that idea into a full book. It’s about Daniella Coulstoun, the prime suspect in the murder of a notorious gangster, who must find the real killer fast.

We talk about how Gordon can write anywhere, how Stephen King inspired his writing routine, and how he copes with writing words he know will be cut. You can hear about his confusing filing system, how putting someone on a flight cut almost 40k words, and why he thinks Scotland is so synonymous with crime-writing.

Gordon is a co-founder of ‘Bloody Scotland’, one of Europe’s biggest crime-writing festivals. Find out more at bloodyscotland.com

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