Mary Adkins – Writing coach gives tips on switching between writing and editing modes

Mary Adkins is the author of critically acclaimed novels, ‘Palm Beach’, ‘When You Read This’, and ‘Privilege’. She has used her experience of writing, publishing and also teaching, to become a writing coach. Her ‘Book Incubator’ programme looks to help you on the difficult journey to publishing. It uses how creative you are, how outgoing you are, and what your day is like, to plan the perfect method for your writing, and helps you write, revise and pitch your novel.

We talk about why she sets up her writing space to make her think she’s playing, not writing. Also how she discovered she’s a morning person, and how she uses music to change her place and space. You can also hear the best tips and tricks she’s learned as a writing mentor, including how to get to know your character, what to do with an initial idea, and why people find it so hard switching between writing and editing.

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