Colette Dartford – Kindle bestseller talks about going her own way

Colette Dartford’s debut, ‘Learning to Speak American’, was shortlisted for an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She followed up this success with her second, ‘An Unsuitable Marriage’, was a Kindle bestseller for 18 months.

For her new novel she’s made an interesting decision. In August, she’ll self-publish, ‘The Mortification of Grace Wheeler’. She’s done this to have more creative control over publishing, marketing and pricing, and is almost doing it as a one-book experiment. She gets deep into the reasons why she has done this, and there’s some fantastic advice to help you make a similar choice.

The novel is about Grace, in a marriage with a much older man, whose son leaves for University. She becomes an empty-nester, and in a bid for excitement, is drawn into an affair with terrible consequences.

We talk about why she has stopped doing detailed summaries of characters, why all she needs to write is a quiet space and a laptop, and how much expert help she gets before sending the work off.

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