Dervla McTiernan – Bestselling crime author talks about how to change and grow the way you write

Dervla McTiernan was an Irish lawyer for 12 years. After the global financial crash, she moved to Australia and became a crime-writer. After a short-story was nominated for a prestigious prize, her debut ‘The Ruin’ achieved great success, and she’s become a runaway bestseller.

Her new novel, ‘The Murder Rule’, looks at The Innocence Project, which looks to exonerate wrongly convicted criminals. Only this book turns it on its head when a woman doesn’t want to save a man on death row… but bury him.

We talk about her extremely thoroughly planned writing days, how she’s always looking to grow and change as a writer. You can hear how new editing tricks, how she gets to know her characters, and exactly how hard it is to take on a novel.

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