Joanna Cannon – Sunday Times Bestseller discusses why myths hold you back

Joanna Cannon’s debut novel, ‘The Trouble with Goats and Sheep’ was an instant hit and became a Sunday Times Bestseller. She wrote it in very early mornings and in her lunch break, working in her car in an NHS car park, in between shifts as a Doctor.

Becoming a writer is the third act of a busy life, Joanna left school at fifteen, worked as a barmaid, kennel maid and pizza delivery girl before qualifying as a Doctor in her forties. Now, she’s a full-time author.

Her new book, ‘A Tidy Ending’, about Linda, Strange Terry and Rebecca who used to live in the house before them. It’s a character driven story, and Joanna loves learning about these characters as she goes. Jo knows the last line of a story when she starts and very little else.

We talk about her ludicrously early starts, why she hands in an almost perfect draft, why theme is the most important thing, and how procrastinating is sometimes more important than actual writing.

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