Bella Osborne – Romance author talks about how characters meet genre

Bella Osborne has had a busy year. In the last 3 months, she’s had 2 different books out with 2 different publishers.

‘The Promise of Summer’ is a romance novel with Avon. ‘The Library’ is a bookclub read with Aria. We try to talk about both of those, but it’s mainly about the former.

All in, Bella has published 9 books. ‘The Promise of Summer’ is about Ruby and Curtis, trying to reunite a engagement ring with its owner, and find love along the way. We talk about how these two characters wouldn’t go away, so she ahd to tell a part of their story, and leave them on a bench waiting for her to come back again.

You can hear why her family hates NaNoWriMo, about her post-it note obsession, why her work day revolves around cats, and about the best types of tea.

You can get a copy of ‘The Promise of Summer’ here – and ‘The Library’ here –

You can support the show at

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