Paul Rudnick – Screenwriter discusses working with actors and making changes on set

Paul Rudnick is an acclaimed Hollywood scriptwriter. He’s worked on ‘Addams Family Values’, ‘The Stepford Wives’ and the ‘Sister Act’ movies. Now, he’s just published his 3rd novel, ‘Playing the Palace’. It’s about a New York event planner who falls in love with England’s gay Crown Prince, Edgar. It’s a satirical look at romance stories and Royal life.

We talk about writing for movies, working with improvising actors, changing things on set and coming up with at least 10 jokes for every line.

Also, he talks about why life revolves around the writing, and his writing revolves around his life, in a syncopated way. Paul discusses his very private writing space that he is very protective of, and what happened after he had his initial idea for the story.

You can buy a copy of the book here –
You can support the show at


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