Claire McGowan – Crime writer talks about planning the twists and turns

Claire McGowan goes by two names. Claire for crime thrillers, Eva Woods for women’s fiction. We talk about how she switches between the two, and how thoroughly she thinks through style and different readerships when she writes different genre.

Her new work is an audiobook series exclusive to Audible, called ‘The Vanishing Triangle’. It shines a light on the unsolved disappearance of at least eight women from mid-nineties Dublin; their bodies were never found, and no suspect was ever charged. To understand why these crimes remain unsolved, Claire explores what life was like in nineties Ireland, and investigates how a shifting political landscape and Irish society’s views on the treatment of women impacted the investigation.

We talk about how writing true crime is different to writing crime stories from your imagination, how she researched and planned her work, and why she wanted to narrate the series.

You can hear why her writing routine is pretty loose, how she doesn’t plan much, and how she managed to write 4 books in 18 months through lockdowns.

Grab a copy of ‘The Vanishing Triangle’ here –

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