Joy Ellis – Bestseller Crime Writer runs us through her long road to publication

There was a time when Joy Ellis couldn’t get her books anywhere near a shelf, one sale, anywhere. She was living in her car, she managed a bookshop, she had many almosts with publishers. She carried on, kept writing, self-published, and was finally tracked down by a publisher who stumbled across her in a newspaper.

Now, she’s sold over 2 million books, is an Amazon bestseller, and was nominated for ‘Crime/ Thriller Book of the Year’ at the Nibbies a few months ago.

She’s published over 20 books across many different characters. Her new one is ‘The Patient Man’. It’s a Jackman and Evans novel, about a serial killer who returns for the last time.

We talk about how she decides which of her many characters will solve the crime this time, why she comes up with new characters, and how she checks in with them from time to time.

You can hear more about her fantastic, winding route to publication. Also, we chat about how ideas for her future stories come at completely random times, which means she sits on them for a while, and get a complete run through of her writing day.

Get a copy of ‘The Patient Man’ here –

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