Hayley Doyle – Uplit author talks learning storytelling from the stage

This week we’re chatting to Hayley Doyle! She’s an actor who has starred in the West End, appearing in Mamma Mia and others. Recently, she’s turned her hand to writing, publishing two novels, ‘Never Saw You Coming’ and her newest one, ‘Love, Almost’.

It tells the story of Chloe, whose boyfriend of just 5 months dies, so to come to terms with things, she does all the many things they had planned to do together, alone. We talk about when she first had the idea for the story, how it came to her quickly and almost fully-formed. You can hear how she plays with what readers expect from genre fiction, giving them it but also pulling some surprises along the way.

We discuss how she juggles work, family and lockdown, and how things have radically changed over the last year. Also, how music helps her ideas, and how acting influences her writing. Hayley is a Liverpudlian, and we chat about how heritage affects the way you tell stories, and particularly why Scousers are so good at it!

You can get a copy of ‘Love, Almost’ here – https://amzn.to/3xXMEcz

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