Nigel Farndale – Award-winning journalist and author explains why you should just get on with it

Nigel Farndale is an award-winning journalist whose interviewing prowess has seen him chat to the Dalai Lama, Prince Charles, Henry Kissenger, Hilary Clinton, and many more. He’s written for The Observer, the FT, The Sunday Times and many more. His last book, ‘The Blasphemer’ was nominated for a Costa Book Award back in 2010, and he’s just released ‘The Dictator’s Muse’.

It tells the story of 1930’s Europe, as Hitler’s grip tightens and his power grows. We follow a film-maker, an athlete and a Welsh communist as their relationships in this strange time entangle.

We discuss the random scatterings in his writing room, and how that changes between books. Also why amateurs wait for inspiration, and professionals get on with it. You can hear how he balances writing journalism and novels, also how he goes about writing real-life people from history, and we discuss unreliable narrators.

You can get a copy of the book here –

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