Chloe James – Uplit author talks about writing about love in lockdown

Chloe James debut novel is so perfectly timed it must have been expertly planned. It was. Chloe James is also Fiona Woodifield, author of ‘The Jane Austen Dating Agency’ which received critical acclaim recently. Due to the success of that, she was asked by a publisher to write a book based on an idea they’d heard on the radio… what if two neighbours found love in lockdown?

Chloe talks about the pressure of getting this done quickly, and being the first to get such an idea out. We chat about how she came up with the characters, writing in aspects of her own life to make them real, and how much she knew about the story before she sat down to write it. Also, Chloe has a busy home life, and we talk about why she’s discovered the real secret is creating time for your work, and treating writing time as sacred.

You can get a copy of ‘Love in Lockdown’ here –

Also, support the show over at

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