Lucy Clarke – Thriller writer talks about travelling to research

Lucy Clarke is the bestselling author of six psychological thrillers, which have been sold in over 20 territories. Her new novel is ‘The Castaways’, which tells the story of two sisters on holiday who have a fight at the airport right before boarding. One gets on the plane, the other doesn’t, and when the airplane seemingly crashes, the sister left behind determines to get to the bottom of the mystery. We talk about mulling over the idea, and how she researched the story, facts and events of plane crashes.

Also, we talk about the joyous side of her research, which involves a lot of wanderlust, and how she divides her time between 2 writing spaces as sometimes she needs to escape. Lucy is married to a professional windsurfer (?!) and we discuss how they divide their time fantastically, to both spend moments with the children, and for getting their work done.

Get a copy of the book here – – LOOK, I know it’s the big behemoth, but we do get a little kickback?

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