Cherie Jones – Debut novelist talks about squeezing passions into the day

Cherie Jones is a busy lady. She is a full time lawyer, a single mother of 4 children, is currently finishing a PhD, and has found the time to publish her first novel, ‘How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House’.

It’s about four people the legacy of violence in the Bahamas, a place so many look on as paradise.

Here’s the blurb: In Baxter Beach, Barbados, moneyed ex-pats clash with the locals who often end up serving them: braiding their hair, minding their children, and selling them drugs. Lala lives on the beach with her husband, Adan, a petty criminal with endless charisma whose thwarted burglary of one of the Baxter Beach mansions sets off a chain of events with terrible consequences. A gunshot no one was meant to witness. A new mother whose baby is found lifeless on the beach. A woman torn between two worlds and incapacitated by grief. And two men driven by desperation and greed who attempt a crime that will risk thier freedom.

We discuss how she fit everything in whilst being so busy, why she wanted to write the novel to reflect on a side of Barbados many don’t know, and why she asks her characters questions.

You can hear how the story came to her on a sodden London commute, rather than a sunny Barbadian beach, and what she needs around her to help her write.

We chat about where, when and why she writes, and what she has learned from working on her debut.

You can get a copy of the book here –

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