C.K. McDonnell – Comic thriller writer talks about when jokes get in the way

Caimh McDonnell used to be a stand-up comedian, gigging all over the country and writing for television. Now, he’s a full-time storyteller working out of his own office in his garden. His new novel, ‘The Stranger Times’, investigates life in a newspaper which reports on the weirdest stories… which sometimes turn out to be true. It’s the start of a brand new comic supernatural thriller series from C.K.

We talk about the post-it notes all over the office that let him know when he’s taken a wrong turn, how jokes sometimes get in the way of the plot and why he watches out for that constantly. You can hear about a writing year for Caimh, and why he’s been so productive since stopping stand-up, and also about the difference between craft and inspiration.

You can grab a copy of ‘The Stranger Times’ here – https://amzn.to/3pRMZcz

Also, please have a look at the wonderful book ‘The Pink Coffee Shop’ by podcast fan Ellie Barker. She’s acknowledged this show in it, so it’d be nice if you checked it out – https://amzn.to/2MV692w

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