Jeff Lindsay – ‘Dexter’ creator talks starting again after huge success

Jeff Lindsay’s new book is ‘Fool Me Twice’, the second ‘Riley Wolfe’ thriller about the master thief that targets the world’s wealthiest. Jeff is best known for his 8 ‘Dexter Morgan’ novels, which became the hit Showtime series ‘Dexter’, about everyone’s favourite neighbourhood serial killer.

We discuss the pressure on his new series after the success of ‘Dexter’, and how he found starting all over again. Also, you can hear why his ‘Riley Wolfe’ thrillers are so much harder to plot and research, and how he begins that part of the process. Jeff talks about his writing day hidden away in the American wilderness, why he likes to get up early to trick his subconscious, and how signs and talismans energise his creativity.

Get a copy of ‘Fool Me Twice’ here –

This episode of the show is sponsored by ‘Promptly Written: Vol 2’. It’s a book of stories written in the ‘Promptly Written’ podcast, during which the author Matt Sugerik and Ian Lewis write a story a month based on a listener prompt.

Listen to the show here –

Buy a copy of the book here –

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