Emily Schultz – Thriller writer talks about discovering genre within the story

Emily Schultz new novel, ‘Little Threats’, follows twin sisters in the 1990s, in an age of rebellion, when a night of partying goes very wrong, and one of them ends up under suspicion for murder… and she can’t remember whether she did it or not.

We talk about how she got into the 90s mindset with music, how she tackles the first draft, and whether she’s fine with being it sloppy at the start. Initially, the book started as a work of literary fiction, but when Emily figured if she brought the mystery to the fore it would become a thriller, she didn’t look back. We chat about that decision, how much she thinks about genre, and to what extent she keeps the reader in her mind when she’s writing.

In this episode we also chat to the founder of ‘Script Sirens’, Scarlett Kefford. They’re a female and non-binary script-writing group from the West Midlands, UK, and have just released a brand new six-part horror audio series called, ‘Siren Screams’. Scarlett tells us more about the project, and why she set up the group. You can listen to the series in most good podcast places, and if you’d like to join the group, head here – https://scriptsirens.wordpress.com/.

You can grab a copy of Emily’s new book, ‘Little Threats’ here – https://amzn.to/2XF34WD

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