Sareeta Domingo – Romantic novelist talks juggling work and passion

Sareeta Domingo has an incredibly busy working. She works as an editor for Mills and Boon, helping other writers construct and improve their work. In order to do that and tell her own stories, she wakes up early and goes to bed late, sandwiching writing-time around work and family life.

She has published 5 books, a story-story collection, a series of erotic short stories, and her novel, ‘If I Don’t Have You’, is now an audio-book from Audible.Through 3 acts it tells the story of Ren and Kayla who are thrown together in the strange world of showbiz.

We talk about how she stops herself procrastinating, why sexy music helps her write, and how she balances full-time work and her passion for writing.

To get a copy of ‘If I Don’t Have You’ as a book, click here –

To get a copy of ‘If I Don’t Have You’ as an audiobook, click here –

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