Mark Watson – Comedian talks about loving the hustle and bustle

Mark Watson is a hugely successful comedian, known for his marathon shows in which he’ll perform for over 24 hours at a time. He’s just published his 6th novel, ‘Contacts’, all about how technology and social media could perhaps save a life. It’s almost in direct contrast to a lot of the tech narrative you hear the moment, the story is about the joys and wonder of the possibilities of the internet.

We talk about why Mark loves getting fully absorbed in writing, taking time anywhere to get to his story. You can hear why he needs hustle and bustle when he’s writing, and doesn’t do well locked away in a quiet place to tell stories. We discuss the difference between joke and story writing, and how one can affect the other.

You can hear about his staunch font opinions, why he likes to give the story a ‘good going over’ before he begins writing, and how ‘Contacts’ came to him pretty much fully formed.

You can grab a copy of the book here –

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