Menna van Praag – Mystical realism author talks about finding your voice

Menna van Praag is the author of 6 magical realism novels, her new one is ‘The Sisters Grimm’. It’s a story of four girls born on the same day with their fate twisted together, they must find each other to save their lives, but one is destined to die. It’s a twist on classic fairytales, and we discuss the first moment the idea for the story came into her mind.

We talk about the deal that she made with her husband to become a writer before she was 30, why she self-published and how she managed to convince bookshops to take a chance on her story. You can hear how much she plots and plans, how long it took her to find her voice, and she shares the best writing-tip she’s ever been told…I think it best be the best you’ve ever heard too.

If you’d like to buy a copy, have a think about using this link – – that way we get a little kick-back from Bezos.

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