Roundtable – ‘Uplit’ authors talk about the happily ever after

Welcome to the second Writer’s Routine Roundtable! We’re back with 4 of the best uplit/ rom-com authors around to talk us through how they do it.

Laura Jane Williams – She took us through her writer’s routine last year, ahead of ‘Our Stop’. She talks about how writing that book made her a believer, as her second ‘The Love Square’ has just been published –

Nicola Gill – Joined us earlier in 2020, to talk us through a day writing her debut, ‘The Neighbours’. She’s been busy and has a second book, ‘We Are Family’ –

Hannah Sunderland – New to the show, her debut ‘Very Nearly Normal’ is out now –

Charlene Allcott – from ‘The Moderate Mum’ blog, she’s just published her new novel, ‘More Than a Mum’ –

We talk about the conventions of the genre, how they create brooding heroes, how they flip the stereotype, and how to create a happy ending. You can hear how much they think about their reader, and why they’re writing to answer their own questions, and how much lockdown has affected their writing day.

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[17:10, 25/02/2020] Dan Simpson: from when i export off photoshop? [17:11, 25/02/2020] Dave Madelin:

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