Christopher Fowler – Prolific author talks about inspiring crime stories.

Christopher Fowler writes everything – novels, screenplays, video games, graphic novels, and he’s back with his 19th ‘Bryant and May’ book. It’s called ‘Oranges and Lemons’ and sees the Peculiar Crimes Unit investigate a bizarre accident involving the Speaker of the House of Commons, and a truck full of citrus fruit. We talk about how he got the idea from a strangely gruesome nursery rhyme.

He is the author of more than forty novels and many short story collections. A multiple award-winner, including the coveted CWA ‘Dagger in the Library’, Chris has also written screenplays, video games, graphic novels, audio plays and two acclaimed memoirs, Paperboy and Film Freak. His most recent non-fiction book is The Book of Forgotten Authors.

You can also hear about the art of the perfect crime novel, and how Christopher thinks that has been lost recently. Also, we discuss his chaotic, unplanned plots, how he keeps himself engaged to write a series of 19 stories, and how he knows what he’ll write at the start of every day.

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