Melanie Blake – Entrepreneur talks about escaping to tell stories.

Melanie Blake is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, running a global talent agency, she’s been a music manager, worked behind the scenes in TV, and has published a new book! ‘The Thunder Girls’ is the story of an 80s girl group reunion show, mixed with a hint of murder.

We talk about what drives her as a creative and in business, and why she feels the need to tell stories in between all her other work. To do this she needs to get away to make sure she can’t be bothered, we talk about how that works and how it affects later edits.

You can hear how ghostwriting influences how she tells her own stories, and how she plotted this novel around her own experience of getting a classic band back together.

If you want to buy the book, please do get it here – – so we get a little kickback.

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