Neil Lancaster – Thriller author reveals writing about the inner secrets of the police force.

After retiring from the Metropolitan Police, Neil Lancaster moved to Scotland to write about what he knew. Since then, he’s published 2 ‘Tom Novak’ books. His most recent is ‘Going Rogue’, which sees Tom up against a wave of far-right terrorism.

We talk about how he took all the knowledge from his career, and made them into thrilling, page-turning stories, that are accurate… but also allow for the fantasy of fiction. We also chat about the stuff every book and TV show gets wrong about the police-force, and the hill that he’s willing to die on in that respect.

We also chat about how he structures his day, why he’s fine having to crack out the words but tries not to over-write, and we learn about the advice he got that helped his first novel get published.

You can learn more about Neil here.

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