Jeffery Deaver – Globally bestselling author talks about the joy of writing puzzles anywhere

Jeffery Deaver has published over 40 novels. He’s a globally renowned author, writing crime and thrillers. To him, they’re not lauded works of art, they’re intricate puzzles, fun and games for the reader – and we talk about how he builds these. His new book is ‘The Never Game’, introducing the enigmatic investigator Colter Shaw, and we hear the first idea for the story, and why it went to Colter, not another of his myriad characters.

Jeffery works anywhere he can – any chance he gets to type away, if that’s at home, on the plane, perhaps at a dog show, he will. We chat about how he finds time and space to work no matter where he is. There’s also talk about research, about genre and some ace tips about timesaving.

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